Me & Mats is een nederlands label gespecialiseerd in de meest heerlijke dagelijkse producten waarmee je jezelf of een ander in het zonnetje kan zetten. De producten zijn vegan, fair trade, parabeen vrij en sulfaat vrij 

het assortiment bestaat onder andere uit heerlijke geurkaarsen, handzeep en diffusers.

We specialize in creating the most delicious, out to pamper, all day, e-v-e-r-y day kind of products.

Representing true craftmanship, sourced with a passion for quality from small family owned factories across Europe. Vegan, fair trade, paraben free, sulphate free.

Our range is continually expanding, as we’re on a constant treasure hunt (all for the good of Me&Mats of course). It currently consists of scented candles, matches, chocolate (non-vegan),
tea, handsoaps, diffusers, and stationary.

And did you know a lot of our products are packaged with lots oflove by the hands of very able disabled people? That’s all part of the bigger plan, peeps…

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